“US hegemony reason for anti feeling” Pak Religious party JI clarifies

Jamat is not against American people but is against US imperial designs.

The largest and most influential religious political parties of Pakistan Jamat Islami has stated that USA hegemony is the reason of anti American feelings, he cleared that if given power JI will maintain good relations with all countries including USA, England, India etc.
The deputy spokesman of Jamat Islami Qaiser Sharif in an interview to Pak Narrative explained that Jamat’s stand against US is based on American aggression against Muslim countries; that have been manifested in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. For these reason Jamat Islami launched “Go America Go” movement. People in US may think “Go America Go” as a “cheerleading” movement; an applause for their foreign policy team; but infact it is not. The term in Pakistani English means the America should leave or should be forced to vacate. On a question that USA and Jamat worked toward same goal of defeating USSR in Gen Zia ul Haq era, is it possible in recent times of yet another such co-operation? the Deputy spokesman Qaiser Sharif replied that JI had in no way co-operated directly with US, and will not do so in future. The JI had backed the public ideology supported and worked upon by the then government of Pakistan, and if needed be, JI will stand by its Nation and Defence Forces again. On a question regarding change in strict stand from the towering personality of Qazi Hussain Ahmed to now soft spoken JI Ameer Senator Siraj Ul Haq, the spokesman clarified that JI Ameer does not dictate guideline, instead the Majlis Shura or the all powerful advisory council decides policy, and the Ameer has to implement.
Asked if JI believed that US is fanning terrorist movements inside Muslim world the deputy spokesman answered that JI does not have the facility of an intelligence arm to know for sure. But the federal apparatus that apprehended TTP’s Ahsan Ullah Ahsan, and activities of Raymond Davis, and Raymond Davis televised confession clearly signals outside forces including US are interfering in Pak affairs. The Deputy spokesman in this regard specially condemned the role played by ex president Musharraf. He said US use different set of rules for Muslim and other populations, and there are plenty of examples to quote from.


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