Naltar valley – Pictures of beautiful Lakes, part 1(Afzal Majeed)

Author: Afzal Majeed Butt

This is the very first post in “Travel Tales” category. I am in love with traveling and am usually rewarded with beautiful memories of the Places which can be described as Heaven on Earth. Long distances to such heavenly places don’t matter and only add to their charms. 

Naltar is one such place. Just situated an hour or two of Jeep drive from Gilgit city, its both accessible and easy to come by for the tourist who are visiting it from the ease of air travel.

Having just landed at Gilgit airport allows you the strength and freedom to roam about to different tourist destinations. But for the people who are traveling via road, there awaits a long tiring journey of some 36 hours bus ride, or a daring drive of approximately the same time duration.

But that is not a reason to stop one self from coming to ones dream travel destination.

The first picture is of a very beautiful Naltar lake which is situated further two hours jeep drive from Naltar city. Despite having ideal scenery the place see very small tourist activity and thats why this lake has no name. Its describes as Naltar lake one.

There are three more lakes, two of them approachable via off road jeeps, but the last two needs a bit of hiking. (to be continued)



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