IK playing with fire, wont keep mum on PM ridicule, Saad Rafiq

Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique once again said that Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf “Imran Khan is playing with fire.”

In a ceremony held in Lahore regarding Youm e Takbeer; to celebrate Pakistan’s becoming an atomic power; Minister for Railways said that politicians should not move court to resolve political disputes. China Pakistan Economic Corridor is causing sleepless nights to some foreign and few domestic unwise friends. In his speech in Alhamra Lahore auditorium Saad Rafique said “new players are leveling old allegations, from Liaqat Ali Khan to Yousaf Raza Gillani prime ministers were made punching bags. And even Imran Khan is doing a negative part here. Saad Rafique said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made Pakistan an atomic power and he paid the price by sacrificing his government and living in exile. He criticized TV talk shows and its anchors and said “with an ulterior motive allegations are leveled against politicians in Courts and TV talk shows, but on this ridicule we will not keep quite.



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