First Pakistani from low plains Conquer Mount Everest.

Senior Hiker, trekker and mountaineer Abdul Jabbar Bhatti conquered Mount Everest.

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Jabbar Bhatti has finally conquered his dream. At 58 he is now fourth and eldest Pakistani to have summit highest peak on earth Mount Everest. Mr Bhatti is a professional mountaineer who had the passion of climbing right from his youth.

He started elementary course from Alpine club of Pakistan and then went to Europe for advanced course. Later on he joined Pakistan Army and led its mountaineering team to multiple success.

Lt Col Abdul Jabbar Bhatti has scaled four Gashaburm II, Broad Peak and Spantik Peak in Pakistan. And had always dreamed of conquering Mount Evert. He had opted for a job in abroad to financially support his dream.


He reached the summit at 2:30pm nepal time. on 21st May and according to other team mate Saad Mohamed from Lahore “We have success but Mr. Bhatti and his sherpa were rescued above Camp 4. Now out of danger.”

Previously conquering Everest had been sole domain of Highlanders of Gilgit Baltistan. Hassan Sadpara, Nazir Sabir and Samina Baig all belonged to the Northern Heights of Pakistan. Abdul Jabbar Bhatti belongs to plain of Punjab and city of Gujranwala which is famous for wrestlers and not mountaineers.


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