Ch Pervaiz Elahi: Govt policies lopsided 21 Billion on Laptop, 12 for clean water

Pakistan Muslim League Secretary General Ch Pervaiz Elahi lashed out at federal government on lopsided buget. He said “the enormous amount is being wasted on distribution of laptops, with the same resources three factories of laptops could have been set up.

During a press conference at his residence in Lahore, Ch Pervaiz Elahi said that Laptop scheme is launched to buy votes, and it is used as a political bribe for upcoming elections. He lamented that federal government priorities are so misplaced that in comparison to 21 billion allocated for laptops, the federal government allocated only 12 billion for supplying clean water to citizen. He said PML N government has reduced resources for defense forces. The amount allocated this year is 35 percent less than that was allocated in his government tenure. He said “On Bhasha Dam during four year not even a single brick has been placed and by not constructing Kalabagh Dam 9 billion dollar worth of water resources are wasted in sea.


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