Boycott #Khaadi trend rules twitter, No benefits for the hand that craft the magic claimed

In a change of hearts the one of the most sought after female brand Khaadi came under severe twitter fire.


A protest footage of famous Khaadi Brand’s laborer went viral on Sunday in cyber space. A scarf clad woman claimed that Khaadi was meting worst treatment with laborers. No relief is offered to them and they are made to work at paltry sum of salary. She claimed that she was forced to work while she was ill and the same treatment is meted out to all other works as well. Their are no holidays and no benefits for the hand that craft the magic of Khaadi. On this the twitter went wild and a #BoycottKhaadi trend started. Not only female but seasoned journalist like Owais Touhid criticized the Khaadi Management.  In his tweet from handle @OwaisTohid said

“#Khaadi management making fortunes should give back the jobs to workers, implement labor laws asap. Otherwise people shud boycott Khaadi.”

A woman trade unionist by the handle  @zehra1akhan wrote

“Dawn, Express Tribune, the news and other media houses totally black out news about #khaadi workers’ protest.”

@Mara_ness wrote “Makes me not want to shop there anymore #Khaadi”.

A very few was of the view that claims seems exaggerated. @MachineGunZM wrote ”

The claims seem so unauthentic from the so called #Khaadi workers”


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