4th Pakistani to scale Mount Everest rescued after being frost bitten

Mountaineer Colonel Retired Abdul Jabbar Bhatti was stuck on camp 4 due to lack of oxygen.
Col Bhatti and his Sherpa team were taken to Camp 2
He was airlifted to Kathmandu and is now out of danger.

Khatmandu(Web Report) 4th Pakistani and the first from plains to scale Mount Everest Col Retired Abdul Jabbar Bhatti has been rescued after being frost bitten. According to “Sherpa Khangri Outdoor” whose Sherpas rescued Abdul Jabbar Bhatti and Sange Sherpa told media that while ascending, their climbers saw two people near south summit being trapped due to oxygen depletion. They offered them a bottle of oxygen, also informed base camp commander to inform their company to arrange immediate rescue, after around two and half hours when they returned after summiting, they found that those two climbers were still there, seriously injured by frostbite. They said “Then, our team rescued the climber and his sherpa guide from south summit to Balcony and informed again the company to take further action,” Col Bhatti with his sherpa guide was later rescued to Camp 2 from where he will be Airlifted to hospital in Kathmandu, he is out of danger.


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